The Center has programs and provides technical assistance to logging firms. Loggers can take advantage of the Center's Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certificate or the Certified Master Logger Program (CMLP).


In order to purchase and deliver sawtimber or pulpwood from certified forests you need a CoC certificate. You can cost effectively obtain a CoC certificate through the Center's Certified Master Logger Program.  CoC certification can also help with the delivery of Forest Stewardship Council® control wood to pulp mills and sawmills that handle certified wood.

Certified Master Logger Program

The University of Kentucky Department of Forestry maintains the Certified Master Logger Program (CMLP) under the Center for Forest and Wood Certification. The CMLP is a 3rd party Rainforest Alliance SmartLogging Certified point-of-harvest program for logging firms. The CMLP provides logging firms with the ability to participate in the harvesting of certified timber, pulpwood, and other forest products and obtain other potential benefits associated with certification including reduction in insurance premiums and marketing through the Center. All CMLP loggers will also have an FSC and SFI CoC certificate through the Center's group CoC program. This can help reduce the CoC requirements for forest industries procuring certified timber and pulpwood and help reduce the burden of certification for family forest owners.Logging firms wanting to become certified are required to attend a one day training workshop and fill out an application form. This application form is your agreement to conduct your operations according to the standards set for the CMLP and to allow field assessments of your operation. You will be provided technical assistance with getting your paperwork together and undergoing your first audit. There is no charge for the one day training or the technical assistance. There is an annual charge for the membership in the CMLP. This annual fee is paid for or off-set by forest industries that are members of the Center and your annual fee will be established and known before the one day training workshop. The Certified Master Logger Program has been active since June 2007. Currently there are 46 certified master loggers operating in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois. Please visit certifiedmasterlogger.org for further information.

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