Center Passes Audit

The Center for Forest and Wood Certification has recently completed and received final draft reports for our annual chain-of-custody and forest management audits.  The Center’s Certifying Body, Scientific Certification Systems, completed the site visits late last year and recently submitted the reports from those audits.  These surveillance audits are required in order to maintain all of our certificates.  Audits for our Forest Stewardship Council chain-of-custody, reclaim, and controlled wood certificates and Sustainable Forestry Initiative chain-of-custody certificates were completed.  Site visits of Antique River Logs, Leininger Cabinet and Woodworking, and Hardwood Specialties took place with no issues being raised during the audits.  As a result of the audits no open Corrective Action Requests were issued for any chain-of-custody members. 

Audits were also undertaken for the Center’s Forest Stewardship Council and American Tree Farm System Independently Managed Group forest management certificates.  Auditors visited the Braun and Hitchel family forests.  These properties were audited against both the American Tree Farm System and Forest Stewardship Council standards.

Pennyrile State Forest managed by the Kentucky Division of Forestry were also audited for conformance to the American Tree Farm System standard.  Three minor Corrective Action Requests issued from the audit.  None of these CARs were unanticipated because they were also found during the Center’s internal audits of the state forests.

The positive results of the audits continue to indicate the high quality of certification services that the Center for Forest and Wood Certification offers through the holding of various certification certificates.  The Center hopes to continue providing efficient and high quality access for businesses and forest landowners to certification markets through holding of the forest management and chain-of-custody certificates.


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