Better Know a Standard #14

Periodically the Center for Forest and Wood Certification will detail a portion of the forest management standard or chain of custody standard.  This edition focuses on Indicator 4.2.b. of the Forest Stewardship Council - United States Forest Management Standard (v1.0) requiring owners to demonstrate a safe work environment.

Indicator 4.2.b The forest owner or manager and their employees and contractors demonstrate a safe work environment. Contracts or other written agreements include safety requirements.

FellingUse of proper PPEs are important to meet this indicator

This requirementcan be met through interviews with workers and contractors. Observations during audits can also help meet the requirement. Auditors will generally look to see if loggers are wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment including, but not limited to, helmets, chaps, and face shields. Contracts that stipulate the requirements of using PPEs can also be shown to auditors to demonstrate compliance.

Like most indicators in any certification system (PEFC, SFI, ATFS, or FSC) this indicator can be met in multiple ways. Certification indicators are written to be very general to allow certificate holders and auditors many ways to meet the standard.


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