Certification Standards Update

Each of the three main certification standards in the United States of America are undergoing standards revisions. A short summary of each of the standards revisions is below.

American Tree Farm System

Tree Farm has completed their second and last public review on the draft standard. Currently the comments are being reviewed by the Independent Standards Review Panel. The Panel will present the final draft standards to the American Forest Foundation for final review and approval. 2015 will consist of a one year transitional period with full implementation scheduled for 2016.

You can read more about the process and review the standards at ATFS' website.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFI also completed their final comment period on their forest management, chain-of-custody, and certified sourcing standard earlier this year. Several in-person comment sessions were held across the continent as well as several webinars. The SFI Resources Committee has review the comments and will submit a revised draft of the SFI standard to the SFI Board of Directors. The Board will hopefully approve the new standards with implementation beginning in January 2015.

You can rad more about the process and reivew the proposed standards at SFI's website.

Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is undergoing multiple standards reivews that are in various states of revision. The forest management international generic indicators will be released any time in their final form. The controlled wood standard continues to be reviewed with multiple national controlled wood risk assessments coming online monthly. The chain-of-custody standard itself is also being revised. Other standards such as pesticide deregation, the Modular Approach Program, and general accreditation standards are all being revised or developed.

The FSC General Assembly has also recently concluded. The meeting of FSC members held every three years sets the course of action for FSC by mothions and actions voted and approved by the FSC membership.

You can view information about the various FSC standards reviews on FSC's website. More about the general assembly can be read here including information about passed motions and opinion analysis on those motions.

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