FSC Chemical Derogation

The United States Forest Stewardship Council® office received three chemical derogation applications. Chemical derogations applications are requests by FSC® certificate holders to use banned chemicals on FSC’s self-determined list of highly hazardous pesticides. Organizations that want to use a chemical on the banned list must work with their auditors to complete an application that is forwarded to FSC that is then reviewed and commented upon by the public. That application must include lengthy details about the how the chemical will be used, where it will be used, the need, how it will be monitored, and many other details.

An example is Red River Forests LLC based in Redding, CA asking to use oxyfluorfen in site prep work for reducing hardwood control in planted conifer stands. The application also details the chemicals will be sprayed with backpack sprayers and helicopters. A need to use oxyfluorfen over others not on the banned list is also detailed including an economic analysis. You can review Red River Forests’ application here.

The Center for Forest and Wood Certification brings up this issue of derogations because potential companies that are already FSC certified may want to use a chemical that is on the banned list. You can review all the open derogation applications and the review process at FSC US' website.



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